We are closing the business please contact me on 07729634239 or sales@mywindowbox.com if you are intested in any of our remaining stock. OFFERS EXCEPTED.
We are closing the business please contact me on 07729634239 or sales@mywindowbox.com if you are intested in any of our remaining stock. OFFERS EXCEPTED.
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How difficult is it to install the Window Box

Our window boxes have been designed to be easy to install. Someone reasonably competent at DIY can have a window box ready for plants in around 20 minutes. See our step by step assembly for a brief description.

What width Window Box should I order?

Measure the window and add a minimum of 3” (7.5 cm) on either side, as the side brackets need to be fixed beyond the window frame into the brick or stonework.

If you have outward opening windows and you wish to keep opening them then you will need to fit your window box below the window sill. If you like one of our window boxes with curved side brackets choose a size that is 10cm wider than the window sill and when fitting it have the brackets go up either side of the window sill and the front flush with the lower edge of the sill. Fitting in this position allows you to open the window and visually the window box is still tied in with the window. If you prefer a square sided bracket these can be butted up against the underneath of the window sill.

With sash windows or windows that do not open it generally makes sense to fit the window boxes so they sit just above the window sill. Fitting in this position adds the depth of the window recess to the space available for pots and troughs and allows for easy access.

If you have any questions regarding fitting please ask.

If you are not sure about fitting one of our window boxes to your window please email a picture of your window along with its dimensions to sales@mywindowbox.com and we will let you know the best fitting options.

International Delivery

For all deliveries outside of the UK please let us know what you would like to order along with the delivery address and we will find the best price for delivery for you.

Are the Window Boxes suitable for bay windows?

Our window boxes are suitable for bay windows with flat pillars and flat brickwork. They are not suitable for bay windows with curved or grooved pillars. If in doubt please send me a picture of your window.

What load can the Window Boxes carry?

Up to 50 kgs in weight, so you can attach the window boxes to garden and patio walls or under windows. 

Do the Window Boxes need maintenance?

They just need a clean every now and agian and should you damage them touch up the area with hammerite paint.

What about conservation areas and listed buildings?

This seems to depend up where you live so contact your local planning office to ask if fixing window boxes is allowed in your area .


All our galvanised steel troughs are designed to sit in our cast window boxes but we realise that they do add significantly to the cost of the cast window box. Unfortuantely we cannot buy plastic troughs for much less than they are available for on Amazon and other large online retailers so if you are after a cheaper alternative we can recommend Elho and Stewart Garden's trough and pots. Also terracotta pots work well.

Day of delivery.

If you would like your order delivered on a certain day please email us and we will arrange the delivery accordingly.